Sneha Gupta
CaReer coach, Trainer & educator

Music can entertain us, make our mood happy & make us dance. But what if I say it can also HEAL us!!

Well, I came to know about healing with music i.e. Suravali from Priti when I told her about my issues of indigestion & anal fissure which was quite an old case & not getting cured completely with medicines as well.

She has taken my case, studied my case & suggested Suravali based on my case. She has always connected with me throughout the process & was making changes in Suravali from time to time as per requirement. She has helped me psychologically as well by making me aware of my thoughts & how I can transform my thoughts for the better, after all, she is an NLP Practitioner as well.

I see positive changes in my digestion & other issues related to it due to Suravali. My digestion is better now & anal fissure is also healing. Even my homoeopathy medicines work for me even better.

I would like to thank Priti for helping me to heal my digestion & related issues musically. Thank you so much & All The Best Priti for Your Work...!! 👍❤️😃



My name is Yajusha Randive. I had allergy of all kinds of smells. I use to sneeze a lot every day and I use to cough whenever I am around any kind of smells. I also have Bronchitis. I use to get asthama attack almost every 2nd day. I use to have lot of breathing problems. I use to get suffocated frequently. I use to start wheezing. 

 One day I got to know about Priti doing music therapy from my music teacher. And I connected with her and told her my issues along with my reports which was showing very high infection level. After understanding my case, Priti given me Suravali – Parjanya created by her. She given me proper instructions how to listen it. And we also been in touch frequently to update the status about my progress. 

I observed during my course of treatment that my allergy of smells has reduced to great extent. My attacks frequency reduced. Now I can breathe freely. I sneeze very rarely now. It only happens when the sleep schedule is disturbed or any kind of strong smell. Allergy is also little better. (Now only tomato and smokes have the effect on me) 

I really want to thank Priti for giving me such a wonderful treatment. Because of her I can breathe freely now. Her treatment Suravali was so melodious. I will highly recommend Priti’s treatment to all who are going through such issues. Wishing you good luck Priti Tai !!

Ri@ Humne

College student

I had Psoriasis from last 3 years. I did lot of treatments. But not got satisfactory results. I use to get patches over my elbow, knees, some portions of body parts. Even scalp of hair was having patches. When I met Priti I was bald and was in depression too. 

I got to know about Priti by my music teacher. I met Priti and told her about my problems. She asked me to show my medical reports to understand my case better. After checking everything she given me her treatment suravali. I started listening it regularly. 

I use to listen the given suravali thrice a day and helped me a lot. That suravali make me feel completely stress free and calm. And the itching which I had all over my body was lower down. Even my mother noticed the difference in my issues. 

Now my hairs have grown up to 1 inch. And it will grow more because my itching has reduced a lot. I am not getting patches now. Just powder is falling slightly. 

I am so happy to see my hairs back. Thanks a lot Priti for your unique treatment. More than a friend and a therapist you came as an guardian angel in my life 😇 Keep spreading your magic to more people.


Home maker

I am 67 years lady. Priti is my neighbour. I go to her house frequently.

I got admitted in hospital few months back because I fall down while walking and later I could not able to get up or walk. After 1 ½ months I came home and was suggested to take physiotherapy treatment. I diagnosed with Lumbar Canal Stenosis.

Priti came to know about my condition and treatment. She came to my home and checked my reports. My daughter-in-law showed her my file. We discussed in detail what happened and what treatments are going on. She told me about her treatment. I could not understand much technically. But thought it is just relaxing music. I started listening Suravali given by her for more than a month period. I seen a difference in my pain. It reduced slowly.

After few days I started walking in my balcony. Later I started going out till nearby shops to buy groceries. 3 months later I was able to seat and walk for longer period.

My family planned to go to native. I also went with them. It was possible because of Priti. I got cashew nuts for her from my native as token of love. God bless her.

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