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Stress Relaxation

Instructor: Priti ParabLanguage: Instrumental Music

About the course

There are two types of stress. Eustress and Disstress. Eustress is stress that has a positive effect on you and Distress is stress that negatively affects you. Eustress is what energizes us and motivates us to make a change. It gives us a postive outlook and makes us capable of overcoming obstacles and sickness. And distress cause harm to our mind and body. It causes low energy, fatigue, Pain, Stiffness of muscles, Headaches, etc. It is said that majority of diseases and disorders are because of Stress.

This Suravali helps a person to relax when in distress. It refresh the mood.

Meet Sur Siddhi Music Therapy

Sur Siddhi Music Therapy is based on methodologies of Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy principles. We incorporate Ancient and Original Indian Classical Music + Ayurveda (the Veda of Life) + Modern Neuro Sound Technology (Brain Entrainment / Binaural Beats) in our therapies.

Uniqueness of Sur Siddhi Music Therapy:

Advance technique of treatment which incorporates Indian Classical Music + Ancient Ayurveda + Modern Neuroscience principles.

Painless and effective method

Focuses on Results

Personal Connection and feedback for faster results.

No side effects if followed guidelines given.

No sedative effects

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