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The Auditory Illusion

Fri Nov 25, 2022

Binaural Beats / Brain Entrainment

I have seen the curiosity is increasing in youngsters about Binaural beats. It is most popular in Western culture. But now it’s rapidly spreading in India too. What is it exactly? What I need to know about it? Is it really works? Is there any one who can guide me about it?

I will surely say that you need to go through the proper channel or a right source to start your journey with Binaural beats. It is one form of energy which needs to be handled carefully. Or else there can be dangerous effects of it like addictions or deafness. So please go through it with proper knowledge of what precautions needs to be taken while listening it. Take advice from a proper therapist who knows dos and don’ts of it. I am writing this blog just to make you all aware about it. Let’s look at it in details.

Binaural beats are auditory illusions. It’s also known as Brain Entrainment. And it has defamed as 'Digital Drug’. We will look at each term in detail.

The word ‘Binaural’ literally means “having two ears”. When you hear two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency, your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies. This beat is called as a Binaural Beat. For example, if you are listening 100 Hz in one ear and 110 Hz in another ear at same time. Your brain will calculate a difference between these two sound frequencies which will be 110-100=10 Hz. This is a Binaural beat created by brain which is just an auditory illusion. This is an Alpha brain wave frequency beat created by brain here. It is called as auditory illusion because here we are not actually receiving 10 Hz frequency but it is just a difference of two slightly different frequencies given in two ears at same time.

Now let’s see what is Brain Entrainment? Entrain means to carry along. It happens because of Frequency Following Response (FFR) Property of Brain. Hearing capacity of humans is above 20 Hz and Below 20 KHz (20000 Hz) sounds. How we can get the benefits from this information? We have different brain waves like Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Brain waves are oscillating electrical voltages in our brain. Our brain is made of millions of neurons. Neurons are nothing but electrically charged brain cells. Now different clusters of neurons form different centres in our brain. The total electrical charge of that centre will be equal to the total charge of neurons. Then energy current flows from high charged neurons to the low charged neurons. And these electrical currents are known as Brain wave rhythms. And each brain wave has different functions to do. Even different hormones secrets in different brain wave.

Now the interesting part is using Binaural Beats / Brain Entrainment technique we can influence any of the required brain wave rhythm and get the benefits of that particular brain wave frequency. Different frequencies give different results. It is very effective. Like if we generate 2 Hz frequency – it is a Delta wave rhythm frequency – Which is good for nerve regeneration. It also helps person to relax and heal. Dreamless sleep can be achieved by using this beat. It helps in secretion of Human Growth Hormones.

About Brain waves:


Brain Wave Rhythm

Range (CPS)





0 Hz – 

4 Hz

HGH, Somato tropin

Deep sleep, healing, Regeneration, Subconscious activities, etc.



4 Hz – 8 Hz

Melatonin, Serotonin

Deep meditation state, Intuitions, Improved Memory & Creativity, out of body experience.



8 Hz – 

12 Hz

Dopamine, Acetylcholine

Relaxation, Visualization, Problem solving, Deeper state of consciousness.



12 Hz – 30/40 Hz

Adrenaline, Somato Satin, Cortisol, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine

Alertness, Concentration, Cognition, Analysis, Higher stress level.



30/40 Hz – 80 Hz

Adrenaline, Cortisol, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine

Relaxed but alert state (like RAW), High level cognition and problem solving.

Above table shows in detail what are the brain wave ranges and what benefits we get in it. Or which hormones secrets in particular brain wave.

If you observe above table, you will notice that majorly all brain waves sound frequencies are below 20 Hz, which means below normal hearing capacity of humans. So whichever the sound below 20 Hz can not be heard. And to stimulate these brain waves we need to produce sounds below 20 Hz majorly. Here we can use Binaural beats to stimulate our brain in required frequency.

Range of Binaural beats is from 0 to 30 Hz. Means if we create binaural beats above 30 Hz it will get mixed with other sound. And then it will not be so effective. To create Binaural beats, we use frequencies between 20 Hz to 1000 Hz. Binaural beats below 20 Hz cannot be heard because it is not humans hearing capacity span. Person can only hear two different frequency sounds given in two ears. You will also get binaural beats with ambient music. Light and soft music is supportive if played in low volume than two frequencies sounds. Binaural beats work best if played without any ambient music. But tone might not be soothing and harmonious then.

* VIMP – You need to listen it with then help of nice stereo headphones or earphones only. It’s mandatory. The reason is you can only hear two different sound frequencies with the help of headphones. If you listen it without headphones, it will not create Binaural beat. It will get mixed with other sound. And won’t give you results.

Anyone can listen it except infants below 4 years, pregnant ladies and stroke patients. Because their systems are not stable. Keeps changing rapidly. So, it can cause damage to them.

Beginners can start with listening it for 10 / 15 minutes and increase time as per results and effects on their mind and body.

Why it is called as Digital drug?

Now a days I have seen that many people listening to Binaural beats without any awareness. And then they might go in addictions of it which is popularly known as Digital Drug.

People (specially youngsters) are randomly checking any source without any knowledge and then go in addictions with it because of its effect. And it is harmful. That is why one needs to consider all the points specified above before listening binaural beats. It is proven effective. But medicines also act like drugs. So, consumption needs to be with precaution and proper guidance by a therapist.

It's better to listen it while relaxing or before going to bed. Please do not listen it while driving or while doing any heavy activity. Because it influences your brain waves.

Anything is nectar when we know the correct measures or limitations. Anything over is like a poison. Isn’t it?

So, enjoy the benefits of this highly effective technique but with proper precautions. Your life is important. And we care for you.

Priti G. Parab
India based Music Therapist, Sitarist and NLP Master Practitioner

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