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Pndt Shashank Katti

The invention of Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy methodology

Tue Nov 29, 2022

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Music itself plays enormous effects on our mind and body. It is also an integral part of our lives since ages may it be a baby shower ceremony, a birthday party, a marriage ceremony, festivals or even a funeral. Any occasion is incomplete without music and it can be seen in all corners of the world and in almost all the cultures. Who doesn’t go enchanted by Music? Rare to find, isn’t it? Music is everywhere - Heart Beats, Breaths, Walking, Rain drops, Water fall, Sea waves, blowing wind, thunder storm, Birds chirping, rustling leaves, rotating planets etc.

Indian Classical Music has a rich heritage & it is famous for giving very soothing effects. It not only works as a stress buster but if we apply & produce it with a proper set of Scientific rules it works as a remedy to treat ailments. Let’s take a look on the developing this therapy’s journey now.

Sur Siddhi Music Therapy is based on methodologies of Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy invented by Pndt. Shashank Katti. This journey started in 1997 when my guru had gone to Indore, to the holy place of his spiritual Guru PP Nanamaharaj Taranekar. Dr. Predeep Taranekar, the grandson of his guru gave him a booklet to read. In that booklet some information about Music Therapy was given. The booklet also contained a list of Ragas and corresponding Ailments saying that this particular Rag works on this particular ailment. Dr Taranekar asked him to go through the booklet and do research and experiments on it.

Indian Classical Music is a scientific music because it is based on a certain set of rules. Like there are time frames given to play the ragas. There are particular seasons when it will enhance the beauty of that particular raga. We need to use a particular set of Surs (Musical Notes) in particular ragas, then there are methods or patterns to play the Surs, etc. and when these are all presented in particular way it creates particular RASA (emotion). Now my guru started experimenting with all these information.

My Guru started working on it. In that list it was written that a Rag called Hindol works on Sandhivat (Arthritis) and with reference to this he started doing different experiments. He played for 15 days but not got any result. The people coming in that hall were not actually patients. They use to enjoy music and feel relaxed. But how long a one play without getting results? Then he remembered that few senior musicians (Stalwarts, they are called as Bujurgs) say that the formats of Ragas are changed from their original forms while singing generation after generation. This is the reason behind the fact that now a days we don’t get the ‘lamp burning’ result after singing or playing Deepak Raga (as known by us nowadays), neither do we get the result of ‘rain falling’ after singing or playing Megh Malhar Raga.

He continued experimenting and decided to use certain techniques to see the effects. And one day while doing one experiment he saw one person got the result who was suffering from Spondylitis. His name is Mr. Kulkarni. He told my sir that he could not sleep for two days because of the attack of the same. He had severe pain when he came. He heard the music that day which was played by my guru and was surprised to find that his pain was nearly gone. This incident gave a ray of hope to my guru. And he also understood how he needs to go ahead with his research and experiments. He further recorded Raga Hindol in different ways like he played that day and found that it works on the pain like shoulder pain, back pain, fixing of neck and few problems related to arthritis and also on Sciatica.

After this result he started thinking about the cause behind this curing. He was getting particular results after applying a particular music. He is an engineer and science student and he always looks for science behind the magic. So, to understand the results in better scientific ways he called Dr Himalaya Pantavaidya and discussed with him. He was not getting satisfactory reasoning and any concrete base about the results.

Then one day he found an article about Music Therapy in newspaper “Times of India”. It was about an experiment which was carried on by a team of researchers in UK. They gathered about 25 Alzheimer Disease patients. They choose a particular music and played for 28 days. Before starting they estimated the levels of few neurohormones flowing through blood of the patients. After the music application they again checked the levels of the same neurohormones. They found that the levels of melatonin were raised and sustained for the next 5 weeks. The levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine rose to a certain extent and after the music therapy was over, they returned back to their pre therapy level. Serotonin and Prolactin were not influenced at all by the applied music.

Further the team applied different music for different patients and with the help of pathological tests they proved that in each case different neurohormones were secreted more when different music was applied.

This was great medically scientific evidence for him to satisfy his many doubts. But practical approach of using this concept was too costly to apply. So, he started searching for another way to proceed.

He found some references connected with Ayurveda and traditions of Indian classical music. He came with the contact of a highly qualified Ayurvedic doctor named Dr Sanjay Chhajed. He started discussing about Ayurvedic principles with him. He found one Sanskrit Shloka “Uchha stharey….” From one of the Music books which gave an unclear idea about the relation between sound and Tridoshas (Three functional energies working in our body). Afterwards he found a common factor “Time” between the functioning time of Doshas and singing time of Ragas. With this different direction of thinking and working hard for months he found some basic connections between Surs and the functions of the Doshas in the body.

Further he developed a new theory and methodology of music therapy based on these found facts and thus “Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy” is born. He also studied basics Neuro Sound Science Technology about Brainwaves and developed a new treatment system Sur Sanjeevan along with Binaural Beats. It is named as “Unified Vibration”

He done thorough research on different ailments including Arthritis, Hypertension, Acidity, Diabetes, Asthma, Knee pain, Migraine, Hypothyroid, Obesity, Insomnia etc. and got good results. Thousands of patients got relief from their disorders.

Getting encouraged with the significant result of an Experiment on weight gain of premature babies in Neonatal Nursing Home he worked in a maternity home which was conducted by a senior gynecologist Dr Shubhangi Dhage. Conducting workshops for pregnant ladies they got some very good results on labor pains, vomiting, anxiety, nausea, indigestion, depression, growth of the babies etc. It helped for healthy growth of the fetus and easy normal deliveries of mothers. (Reports of the doctors are mentioned)

Now he wants to spread his knowledge to people. He is educating people about this therapy and his students like me are also getting good results with the use of this methodology. We want to reach to more people. This is the Inspirational journey of my guru. This journey started in 1997 and still ongoing. I bow to him for his rigorous efforts and dedication. And I need his support and guidance in my future path too.

Priti G. Parab
India based Music Therapist, Sitarist and NLP Master Practitioner

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